Your voice is telling you about the imbalances in your body

How it works


As a data correlation company, Snap Brands leverages state of the art voice technology (ÜRBIOCODE) to analyze personal health digital biomarkers in order to match them with optimal health and wellness products (ÜRSTAX).

How do we gather Biomarkers? Utilizing a 30 second vocal recording, our algorithms can quickly, and accurately, identify 80,000+ known and unknown health issues such as low vitamin deficiency, inflammation, poor cardiovascular and/or cognitive health.

We then correlate these health issues with personalized health and wellness recommendations such as our core 7 ÜRSTAX Products.

“70% of respondents indicated that their organization will be considering voice as part of their 5-year strategy.” – Speechmatics Trends and Predictions for Voice Technology in 2020 Industry report.

How Does ÜRBIOCODE Work?

Everyone’s voice has frequencies. Vocal frequencies reveal the state of yourself, the state of your health. Vocal frequencies can be accurately mapped to your biological markers (biomarkers).

Why it matters

Biomarker Correlation? So What?

A biomarker (biological marker) is an objective measure that captures what is happening in a cell or an organism at a given moment. Biomarkers play an important role in illuminating relationships among environmental exposures, human biology and disease.

Your biomarkers can serve as early warning systems for your health and can also identify the imbalances in your body. The imbalances in your body derived from ÜRBIOCODE are matched directly to the only line of Biomarker-Correlated Health Supplements in the World, Snap Brands ÜRSTAX.

Data Aggregation

How the Data Works

We believe that data literacy is the future, and our vocal analytics and AI analysis technology helps provide a state of the art solution to an old problem – how can we effectively manage our health?

All of the data Snap Brands gathers from the Voice Tech Analysis Process, marketing, product purchases and partner integrations is valuable. With each interaction, the aggregate value of the data increases exponentially, not linearly.

Examples of our Aggregate Data Gathering Process:

  • Product Recommendations
  • Product Purchases
  • Product Use
  • Monitoring User’ baseline updates
  • Affiliate-style rewards for trusted recommendations

10's of Millions

of data points in biobank

1 Million+

voice samples in partner database

7 Patents

issued in the USA

30 Seconds

of voice for health detection