Utilizing a 30 second vocal recording, our algorithms can quickly, and accurately, identify 80,000+ known and unknown health issues such as low vitamin deficiency, inflammation, poor cardiovascular and or cognitive health. Snap Brands leverages this state of the art voice technology to provide the user with their unique personal health digital biomarkers which we call, ÜRBIOCODE.


Our premium, high quality supplement brand ÜRSTAX offers best in class vitamins and supplements to support our vocal tech health recommendations (ÜRBIOCODE). Our core 7 ÜRSTAX Products range from supplements aimed to improve immune system health, cognitive function, memory, productivity, metabolism, weight loss, bio-aging and overall natural health and wellness goals.


Commercial enterprises can now work with Snap Brands to license existing vocal biomarkers in respiratory or mental health. Our team also develop novel vocal biomarkers for a wide range of health-conditions. These biomarkers can then be customized to match with client consumer-facing applications, providing insight into their consumer behaviour.

Who is Snap Brands?

Snap Brands acquires, partners, develops, produces, markets, distributes and sells self-care products & services. Through the parent company Snap Brands, we are proud to currently operate the following brand divisions: ÜRBIOCODE, ÜRSTAX, RELIEV, as well as an alternative medicine education resource and development center.

What if everyone had access to a tool that provided
personalized product or therapeutic recommendations
to help improve their health?


Using Data Literacy as our competitive edge, our mission is to be the largest, and most recognizable direct to consumer telehealth holding company in North America. Founded on the principle that we all deserve more from technology, Snap Brands builds innovative technology that feels familiar, natural and personal. Products that work. Experiences built on trust.

"As CEO, my key objective is to look for new-creative “first if it’s kind” innovations that can make things easier, and new industries to support. Collectively we are a dynamic group of engineers, analysts, and marketers who like to be challenged, want to solve problems, and love to continue to learn about technology. We enjoy what we do. And as long as that is happening, we are doing our jobs."

Market Intelligence to Identify Key Verticles in Health & Wellness

Snap Brands uses market intelligence to identify key verticals in health and wellness to support our Direct to Consumer Telehealth technology. In creating our premium, high quality supplement brand - ÜRSTAX - Snap Brands offers best in class vitamins and supplements to support our vocal tech health recommendations. Our team of in-house technology and supplement specialists have identified ideal key consumer health verticals to ensure market success and penetration through the use of AI, consumer insight tools, qualified consumer data, consumer listening, market insights, future trends and forecasted category growth.

On the surface, we provide best in class health supplement products, but in reality we provide next generation consumer data generation, aggregation, correlation and interpretation technology known as ÜRBIOCODE. Tomorrow’s B2C solution, today.

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