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What is Snap Brands and Why Should You Care?

Snap Brands is a direct to consumer telehealth company that leverages smartphone accessibility, audio analytic biomarkers, behavioural economics and user intent, open artificial intelligence tools, tested search engine optimization strategies, intake diagnosis processes and approved data gathering techniques. This truly unique approach empowers Snap Brands to partner with, acquire, develop, distribute and sell health and wellness products and services in unparalleled and profitable ways.

3 Main Pillars to the Tech Stack:

Voice Assessment Web Application

Voice based shopping using spoken word is a rapidly growing technology for B2C (business to consumer) companies with potential for market opportunities across multiple areas of commerce. Snap Brands’s voice assessment technology uses audio biomarkers to personalize health product recommendations for customers. Snap Brands is at the forefront of the market for this technology. Our voice assessment application is web based and provides a high value low cost user experience, providing a premium product recommendation and user engagement monitoring process by utilizing real time voice recognition.

Data Analysis Using AI and Machine Learning

Snap Brands utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning in combination with direct to consumer strategies to turn your smartphone into a personalized health tool that leverages convenience and preference for quality personalized health recommendations. This is the second phase of the voice analysis and happens in near real time behind the scenes after the customer speaks into their smartphone. There is a purposeful pause period during this process where customers experience an educational element while waiting for their results and recommendations.

Personalized Health Product Recommendations

We are able to recommend personalized health supplements utilizing a combination of scientifically backed ingredients, voice assessment technology, and AI and machine learning. Snap Brands offers the best supplements anywhere available on the market by using quality ingredients and scientific nutritional information to give customers the best health and wellness experience. We do all of our formulations, packaging and fulfillment in house using our USA based warehouse which allows for 48 hour shipping times anywhere in the continental United States. Full transparency end to end is part of the process of customer onboarding so they understand what they are getting and why and how it relates to their unique health needs and goals.

Timeline of Delivered Action Items Heading Into Q1 2022

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Executive Team Members

Dino Minichiello

CEO – Dino Minichiello


Don Gordon

CFO – Don Gordon


Brian Jenkins

IR – Brian Jenkins


Additional team members include:

Dr Mario Nucci

Dr Marvin Moncada

Lawyer Arthur Marcus

M&A Sashko Despotovski

Podcast Brad King

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